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Cablu degivrare mineral pentru bitum max250 grade la turnare

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331 €
EM2-MI 6 mp

SINGURUL cablu care suporta turnarea asfaltului direct peste el. Turnare pana in 250 grade.
50w putere pe ml , alimentare la 230V.
EM2-MI is a constant output heating cable for simple, fast, and effective ramp and accessway heating to prevent snow and ice formation.
The pre-terminated EM2-MI cable comes complete with 3m cold leads at each end of the heater, removing the need for on-site termination activities. Simply install the heater over the required area and connect the cold leads to the junction box and “Smart” control unit.
The EM2-MI heating cable is designed for installation in high temperature applications. The product can be installed directly under hot-poured asphalt followed by mechanical high pressure roller.
Design phase
Simple design.•
Variable power output dependent upon cable spacing (up to 300W/m )•
Variety of sizes available to meet project requirements.•
Installation phase
Pre-terminated heating mat requires no onsite cold lead or end seal connections.•
Heating cable can be fixed to an existing reinforcement bar or with fixing strips from
• Tyco Thermal Controls.
Extremely robust and resistant to installation damage.•
The applications
Excellent for irregular shaped areas.•
Vehicle accessways and loading bays.•
Applications under hot-poured asphalt.•
Technical Data
Nominal Power:
50 W/m
230 Vac
Maximum Exposure Temperature:
250 C
Minimum Install temperature:
-20 C
6 mm
Circuit Breaker required:
Type C
30 mA
Cable Construction:
Mineral Insulated (MI) heating unit with
pre-terminated 3m cold leads.
Related Products
VIA-DU-20 Programmable ramp heating control with ambient temperature,
ground temperature, and moisture sensors.
Packaging and ordering references
Pre-installation ground preparation
The heating cable should be installed on a stable subsurface. In suspended structures the substratum may consist of finished slabs, pre-stressed concrete or a suspended structure with poured concrete. The heating cables can be laid on all sub-surfaces including reinforcement grids/bars. In the case of poured concrete, it should be ensured that the surface is smooth and all sharp objects are removed. Ramps on a solid substratum do not require any additional thermal insulation. Appropriate preparations should be made for installing the temperature and moisture sensor.
Installation Instruction
Complete installation instructions are supplied with the product and are available electronically from Tyco Thermal Controls. Please request installation instruction reference: INST-188.
Specification guideline
A product specification guideline is available upon request from Tyco Thermal Controls. It is also available online at:
Raychem is a registered trademark of Tyco Thermals Controls.
All of the above information, including illustrations, is believed to be reliable. Users however, should independently evaluate the suitability of each product for their application. Tyco Thermal Controls makes no warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information and disclaims any liability regarding its use.
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